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We made sure all eyes were on our Alcon Dailies Total1 contact lens campaign. We developed a brand new creative platform born from genuine consumer insight. From initial concept through to final execution, our ‘16 Hours of Amazing’ campaign gave opticians a clear reason to recommend DAILIES TOTAL1 as a first-choice contact lens, rather than just a problem solver, and consumers a clear and relatable reason to buy.

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Eye-catching POS

We made sure our campaign was the perfect balance of lifestyle and product benefit. Editorial imagery and on-trend colourways helped strengthen the lenses’ promise of round-the-clock comfort in a fun and relevant way, and was a refreshing change from the scientific, sometimes cold campaigns often seen in store.

What they were looking for

After identifying the typical DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lens wearer, we created a lifestyle-led campaign they could relate to. The same platform was then used to help eye care professionals recognise and talk to the right patients in a more personal and relevant way.