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We transported shoppers abroad with a show-stopping display in the Harrods’ lobby, which took Vodafone’s Roaming campaign to the next level. Tactically placed to get the highest footfall, this installation blended perfectly with the store’s stylish aesthetic – capturing the imagination of shoppers and demonstrating how taking Vodafone on holiday could transform their summer.

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Pack your bags

We took inspiration from the ATL TVC edit and created a moving baggage reclaim in the middle of the lift lobby. Using miniature luggage exploding with archetypal holiday props, rotating digital content, vibrant lift wrap imagery and a clear call to action; we created a space that instantly transported our Harrods shoppers abroad and drove them into store.

Proceed to gate 110

The mechanical letter board digital content dramatised the core Vodafone roaming benefits, and tied in to the broader ATL campaign, supported by explicit call to actions on the lift wraps. Our idea incorporated sea smells and airport sounds, to provide a completely immersive sensory experience that fully delivered against our commercial priorities to entice Harrods’ customers throughout July.