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For this year’s Pride celebrations, we’re bringing to life a brilliant campaign; #ThePlusinLGBTPlus, which celebrates and recognises the communities represented by the ‘+’ in LGBT+.

Our activation in Leicester Square at London Pride will encourage visitors to share what the ‘+’ in LGBT+ means to them, and what makes them proud to be part of the ‘+’ community. The campaign was developed from the knowledge and understanding that most people from the ‘+’ community often feel forced to identify with LGBT, as these are the more typical mainstream communities recognised and celebrated at modern Pride festivities. The ‘+’ is often treated as an etcetera, when in reality it symbolises much more. By drawing attention to and celebrating the countless people who identify as something other than lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, we aim to shift the meaning of ‘+’ to ‘and much more’ and champion true inclusivity and a pride that everyone can feel a part of.

Visitors to our stand who share their personal connection to the ‘+’ will be given a free personalised badge to wear and share their pride.

The campaign was developed by our very own Senior Art Director Dragos Giol, Motion Graphics Designer Jack Candlin, Account Director Alexander Gratton and ECD Paul Gygi. A massive well done to this team for creating such a meaningful campaign.

We’re incredibly proud for Haygarth to have its first ever presence at Pride London and would love for people to join us.

Our stand is number 4 and we’ll be there from 12pm onwards July 6th.

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