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LÄRABAR x Mindfulness

LÄRABAR x Mindfulness

Following an extended period of lockdowns and the current return to a new normal, we’ve teamed up with LÄRABAR UK to encourage fans and followers to continue practicing mindfulness as part of their every day routines.

Our integrated mindfulness campaign kicks off in September and continues into the Autumn. LÄRABAR UK will be sole sponsor of Mind Body Spirit’s Your Wellbeing Podcast, a series of 10 interviews with several high-profile guests (Jay Shetty and Ruby Wax to name just two) discussing various aspects of their own wellness journeys.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, we’ve partnered up with British illustrator Gemma Correll to produce a handful of bespoke mindfulness-inspired illustrations, which will then be crafted into a month-long paid social campaign targeted at specific LÄRABAR UK audiences. Gemma will also be appearing on the podcast. 

New episodes of Your Wellbeing Podcast will be released every Tuesday from Sept 1st through to 3rd November, and you can listen in here.

To kick start the campaign LÄRABAR has commissioned a survey that reveals what makes a Brits feel good, with a selection of tips on how to lead a more mindful life.

Please click here to join @LarabarUK and @GemmaCorrell on Instagram.


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