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Tate & Lyle’s #GoldenMoments

Tate & Lyle’s #GoldenMoments

With everything that’s happened in the past year, our usual calendar moments have become a scaled back and subdued version of themselves. So when Tate & Lyle came to us with a brief to share some smiles and ensure their Golden Syrup is front-of-mind this Pancake Day, we jumped at the opportunity.

Unlike the parties and presents that come with holidays such as Christmas and New Year, Pancake Day is one occasion when everyone gets together to create, laugh and enjoy the simple act of making pancakes as a family – so that’s what we wanted to reflect in our content.

With a focus on younger families with children, we enlisted the help of Emily Norris, a popular motherhood and lifestyle influencer with younger Millennial parents, and a mother of three young boys herself.

Emily was tasked with shooting a mixture of content with her family - making pancakes, topping with Golden Syrup, and most importantly capturing the emotive, family #GoldenMoments that come with making pancakes together.

We then took her content in-house, designing a creative look-and-feel and editing to ensure each piece of content was optimised for each advertising platform and placement.

Our content will run in a mix of formats across Facebook and Instagram as In-Feed and Stories adverts, as well as YouTube from 1st February through to Pancake Day.


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