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Winning a Chip for Best Press

Winning a Chip for Best Press

We have been awarded a Chip at The Drum Chip Shop Awards for our idea ‘Learn the easy way’ celebrating pure, unlimited creativity. 

The idea behind ‘Learn the easy way' for Duolingo;

The number 1 reason to not learn a language: it’s hard work. Number 1 reason to learn a language: it’s an epic way to embrace other cultures through their native tongue! Impress a partner as you navigate a Spanish menu… Gain local kudos chin-wagging with a Thai TukTuk driver… Talk your way out of a battering from a Bulgarian bouncer. And best of all - avoiding the permanent embarrassment of the travellers’ tattoo. Every year, hapless adults show off their freshly inked Arabic maxims and Chinese proverbs, only to discover they are pure gibberish. This campaign for Duolingo uses these linguistic tattoo mishaps to communicate that there is an easy way to learn a new language – via the app. And a hard way – after it’s inked on your neck for life! Life is too short to have regerts…we mean, regrets. So don’t make never learning a new language one of them.

We would like to congratulate our Chief Creative Officer, Steve Rogers and Senior Art Director, Dragos Giol for winning this award.

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