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#WomanMade: Band Babe Elizabeth Powell

For International Women's Day 2019, we are championing self-made women with our campaign, #WomanMade.

As part of this, we'll celebrate and share the stories of four Haygarth Group women - not only do these women boss their day job, but they also ace their side hustle too.

Today, it's all about Elizabeth Powell. 

“If it’s something you want to do, find a way to do it”

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were younger? A world explorer with compass in hand, or an archaeologist unravelling the secrets of the past? Perhaps you were able to bring that childhood dream to life, or - like many of us - it got misplaced somewhere on that winding road to adulthood.

But for Account Manager Elizabeth, a passion for music continues to shape her life. “I’ve always sang. In car journeys, in the shower, wherever”

At age 15, she formed her first band with three friends. They’d write and perform Avril Lavigne-inspired tunes wherever they could get a gig – this was until school ended and the reality of careers, university and ‘sensible paths’ entered the scene.

It would be a few years before her love for music resurfaced. “When I moved to London, I realised it was something I was missing, so I actually looked on Gumtree for someone looking for a vocalist.”

This is how she met Mick Morrison. Together they form alt-pop duo Yes Babez!

“We met up, starting jamming, writing some stuff together and now we do pub gigs and open mic nights around London. It’s really fun, and it’s nice to have something outside of work that you can enjoy.

“Once, we were performing at Covent Garden and this really sweet older man, I think he was about 70, came up and said he really, really liked our songs, they took him back to his younger days. I haven’t forgotten it.”

For Elizabeth, it’s not money that motivates. It’s the release.

“When I am singing, when I’m performing, I just forget everything else. You get into it. It’s like a freedom you don’t get anywhere else. You lose yourself completely in it – to quote the words of Eminem!”

And for all those who tap a tune at their desk or hum along on the morning commute, Elizabeth says this:

“[A side hustle] is definitely worth it. It takes you somewhere else that’s not related to the daily stresses.

“Go for it. Do your research. See how other people have done it. Then just do it.”

Haygarth Group celebrates Elizabeth Powell. Account Manager. Singer. #WomanMade