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Content-powered commerce: unlocking growth through creativity, content and context

Content-powered commerce: unlocking growth through creativity, content and context

With the rise of retail and commerce media there has been a rush in the marketing industry to embrace “Commerce-Powered Content”, embedding commercial principles and buying opportunities in every stage of the purchase journey. The acceleration of digital shopping behaviours and channels means that the distance between brand awareness and product conversion has become almost meaningless. Media and shopper marketing teams are now collaborating more closely to bring this proposition to life.

The mirror image of this challenge also needs to be addressed and embraced – if all content is commerce, surely all commerce must become to some degree, a more engaging content platform.

Understanding the interplay between content and commerce requires mastering a third pillar, context, leading to successful Commerce-Powered Content. Doing so offers the opportunity to create campaigns that are genuinely retail ready with the required potent mix of product relevance, shopper understanding and commercial motivation. It is only this thinking that has the ability to harness existing long-term brand equity and use it to drive sales in the immediate term.

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This article was co-authored by Anthony Donaldson, Chief Strategy Officer, Haygarth and Bryan Gildenberg, SVP Commerce, Omnicom Commerce Group. If you would like to discuss some or all these concepts further, please reach out directly to

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