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#SquadGoals – Meeting the Needs of the Modern Family

According to The Office of National Statistics, there are just under 8m families with children in the UK, and as a whole they represent a combined spending power of £219bn per year.

If we consider family life for those with kids aged 10-16, this is a time of significant change, both physically and emotionally. Life is comprised of discrete daily moments, with regular interjections of larger life-defining events. Both these smaller, regular moments and the more momentous events provide unique and substantial opportunities for brands to connect and add value.

Yet compared to the wealth of insight available on new parents and early stage childhood, it feels like this is a less understood area for brands. The constantly evolving dynamic of the late-tween and teenage years means that if they’re not careful, it can be all too easy to be heavy handed and trite.

To help brands contribute in a positive way to some of the most fundamental challenges that face modern families, Haygarth and Flamingo have collaborated on a new initiative; #SquadGoals – Meeting the Needs of the Modern Family.

It was very important to both agencies that we approached this from a progressive perspective. We want to help brands have a positive impact on family life, not exploit the stresses that they face every day. Having and communicating a brand purpose is a hot topic for today’s brands. In order to activate genuinely, it is important to be empathetic to family needs and show an understanding of what fundamentally drives behaviour.

The late tween and teenage years see children exert an ever-growing influence on day-to-day family life, both logistically and in terms of decision making. As families seek to establish the new normal, the opportunity exists for brands to help facilitate and cater to their specific needstates.

On a larger scale, the life-defining events are often the catalyst for a shift in the family dynamic. A major event such as starting secondary school can cause many parents to reappraise their child’s maturity and therefore the degree of autonomy and authority afforded to them. This has repercussions across all areas of family life, throwing up many competing needstates as parents seek to balance the need to exert control and influence, with preparing their child for their ever-burgeoning independence.

As part of this initiative we sought to identify not only the optimum moments and events where the greatest opportunities exist for brands to connect, but also the associated needstates at those times and the key influencers and drivers of behaviour within the family unit. By understanding these three key inputs, we believe brands can be relevant, meaningful and there when needed most.

The following presentation is just a taste of the wealth of insight and data we have available. We are passionate about helping brands to understand the opportunities specific to them to connect and add value. We believe that in a time of fragmented media and discerning customers, purposeful marketing is the only way for brands to continue to build emotional connections.

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