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Our direct to consumer launch campaign used targeted online content to build an emotional connection with new parents, making it easy for them to move from engagement to purchase.

The Challenge

Dairy company Arla are experts in organic baby food and formula. But the UK launch of their Baby&Me range was a market-first for them. Looking to increase their direct-to-consumer ecommerce presence, Baby&Me was to be sold exclusively on their UK website and Amazon Marketplace  — allowing them to engage directly with consumers and provide a convenient shopping solution for busy mums and dads. But to drive online sales, they needed our help to develop a campaign that would really engage new parents and make it easy to buy.

The Insight

Being a parent isn’t easy. And while it’s an amazing adventure, the first few years are full of new challenges and experiences, information and advice that takes a lot of inner strength to navigate. We used this insight to connect with parents on a meaningful level; comparing their emotional journey to the developmental process their baby goes through. Because learning about the world also takes a lot of inner strength, and is fuelled by the best nutrition.


Arla Baby&Me was a successful launch and DTC digital-first for Arla which has resulted in the sharing of key learnings for other brands in the portfolio. Baby&Me is now an established brand in the UK.

Steve Millard, head of ecommerce and digital at Arla Foods UK, comments, “Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing sales platforms in Arla’s global business so our aim is to build a platform for DTC that can be scaled across markets and alternate categories. This will allow us to leverage the growth opportunities within ecommerce and take advantage of the opportunities that the online marketplace present to ultimately grow the brand and provide Arla with another channel for driving both sales and a direct connection with the consumer.”

 What we delivered

As a DTC campaign all content was designed to be deployed in a series of highly target formats on Facebook and Amazon touchpoints. Our series of ‘We Got This’ shortform content videos drove awareness of the new brand with Facebook users and provided an effortless link to the Arla Baby&Me ecommerce platform and the fully branded dedicated Amazon UK store. A suite of hardworking digital ads ran across Amazon UK touchpoints to reach new parents and drive click through to learn more and place an order via the branded Amazon store.

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