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Meet Your Life Changers

Our sampling and experiential tour with La Roche-Posay gave consumers the chance to engage with on-site skin experts. By activating at a range of consumer events from the Great North Run to the Baby & Toddler Show, we were able to match a wide variety of consumers to their own Life Changing LRP product. 

The Challenge

With over 25 years of expertise behind them, La Roche-Posay are one of Europe's experts in skin care and offer a wide range of specialised products that cater to almost any skin concern. These concerns can be anything from sensitive skin, allergic reactions, sun damage from running outdoors or the vulnerable skin of a baby. 

Our challenge was to find a way to engage different skin concerned audiences and connect them with La Roche-Posay's unique skincare expertise by way of their new range of Life Changers.

The Insight

Following our research, we found that 32% of women admit to having sensitive skin, and that, after a dermatologist, the most trusted source of skincare advice for UK women is a skincare company staff member, thanks to the face-to-face consultation experience. 

However, only 2% of these skin sufferers regularly see a dermatologist, meaning there are still 98% that have skin concerns but don't feel that they're serious enough to see a dermatologist, can't afford to go private, or feel that dermatology is a bit too clinical for them - so don't seek help.

The Results

people engaged
samples delivered
data capture units

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