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We empowered women and men to embrace their first greys, giving them the courage to face them with confidence.

Our new brand positioning for hair colour brand Nice’n Easy challenged the beauty sector head on. ‘Colour it, don’t colour it, but always own it,’ went against the usual paradox of embracing body positivity and the next giving us a list of things we must change.

The Challenge

Clairol asked us to bring them a big idea that would get our 'First-grey Worriers' to see the brand as modern and relevant without alienating their existing following of loyal older shoppers.

The Insight

Analysis of social media content and sentiment (as well as personal experience) told us that no-one forgets finding their first grey hair. But the media and societal pressures mean that this moment is still an unspoken milestone that acts as a dreaded marker for getting older.

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people reached over 2 weeks
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people reached via integrated PR & Influencer launch campaign

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