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Vodka Made By Finland

We reintroduced the world to Finlandia’s rich and storied heritage with an emotionally powerful campaign, bringing together the brand’s DNA in a global shopper toolkit that delivered impact across on and off-trade.

The Challenge

Despite being a top ten global brand within the growing standard+ category, Finlandia Vodka (FV) had struggled to generate growth in recent years. A lack of distinctiveness led to inconsistent brand comms, which weakened the brand and impacted sales. We needed to take a bold step towards creating an emotionally powerful idea with a solid insight that reconnected shoppers with the brand in a way that would make Finlandia the bottle they reached for first.

The Insight

The first thing shoppers look for when choosing a vodka is a high-quality brand with an appealing taste. Unfortunately, people didn’t associate Finlandia Vodka with purity, which distilled the brand’s perception in a competitive category. We needed to reaffirm the Finlandia brand credentials whilst intrinsically linking it with its purity, making it the go-to vodka of choice.

The Results

“Best global toolkit in the history of Brown-Forman.”
Global Marketing Manager, Finlandia Vodka, Brown-Forman

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