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We took a fresh approach when launching Mayfield Villages – a new and unique retirement living concept – to market. Our refreshingly different brand identity and logo was disruptive enough to grab our audience’s attention, clear enough to quash many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the category, and brought awareness to an offering they didn’t even know existed.

The Challenge

Mayfield Villages are truly the first of their kind. A brand new, mid-market proposition that challenges the tired idea of retirement living through spacious, modern facilities and a lively community. It was up to us to ensure we launched with a creative platform as disruptive to the market as the proposition itself, whilst remaining true to the brands ethos of fresh, inclusive and different.

The Insight

Contemporary apartments. Modern facilities. Independent living. Not what you’d usually associate with traditional retirement options like care homes or sheltered accommodation. That’s because Mayfield doesn’t fit with the typical stereotypes or negative misconceptions around retirement living – it’s fresh, new and totally different. We just needed to help our audience see that.

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