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My Nature MyClarins

How do you convince an optimistic, health-conscious, socially responsible, digitally addicted, young generation – many of whom think Clarins is a brand 'for their mum' – that MyClarins is the perfect skincare range for them? With a fresh, engaging integrated campaign that goes beyond skincare and has them exploring their own unique nature of course.

The Challenge

Clarins was launching a whole new range of products designed specifically for young women. But although the range's all-natural vegan formula perfectly aligned with today's twenty-something beauty needs, they still perceived the brand as one their mum uses. We needed to show this new generation that MyClarins was made for them.

The Insight

We discovered that our fresh-faced audience builds their regime around their lifestyle choices - not just their skin. So whether they're late-night, non-stop dancing queens or espresso-drinking early birds, the key to success was to make the range feel totally personal to them.

The Results

samples distributed
signed up to the Connect CRM platform
students directly engaged with
universities visited

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