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This Christmas, we worked with Vodafone to encourage consumers to ‘Give the gift of connection’ by donating their used devices to the ‘Great British Tech Appeal’. We built a purpose-led retail campaign, demonstrating how a great communication brand can help alleviate digital poverty by inspiring action from the Great British public.

Recently shortlisted by Campaign Tech Awards in the Tech for Good category.

#ReBoxingDay Case Study Film

The Challenge

A staggering 1.5 million households are without access to digital connectivity, whilst 80% of households have an unused digital device gathering dust. To close this divide, Vodafone established 'The Great British Tech Appeal', asking consumers to donate their unused devices to socially disadvantaged young people, giving them access to jobs, courses and mental health services. 

The Insight

Behavioural research reveals that humans are strongly influenced by the actions of those around them. When witnessing people donating, this more than doubles the chance that others will too. Essentially, people inspire people. With this in mind, we knew that to spark tech donations to Vodafone, we needed this act of charitable giving to be seen by millions.

What we delivered

Our experience, #ReBoxingDay, encouraged people to pledge to donate their old devices, whilst making the act as visible as possible. So much so, that passers-by felt compelled to do the same. Capturing the public’s interest was made easier, as we housed the experience in an unmissable red Christmas present with custom-built, transparent LED panels (a UK first). Through this, we displayed Vodafone messaging and heroed people pledging inside.

Word spread of our experience and very public acts of donation through high-profile influencer collaborations and owed, earned, and paid media.

The Results

reach via owned and earned media
people experiencing digital poverty reconnected
devices donated
of people said they were likely to donate

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