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The Maison Margiela pop-up experience was truly personal, our aim was to unlock and celebrate people’s unique memories with the help of the REPLICA fragrances. Through an immersive and multi-sensorial exhibition, we encouraged guests to delve into the sights, sounds, feelings, and scents of their chosen memory, building a keepsake memory box along the way – with immeasurable sentimentality attached.

The Challenge

Our task was to launch a luxury pop-up experience that built brand equity and raised awareness of the new fragrance range REPLICA by Maison Margiela. Our objective was to create an experience that would build a strong emotional connection between our audience and the new REPLICA fragrance. The experience had to represent the brand’s premium aesthetic and drive organic UGC.

The Insight

Our lives are built of memories. Our first day at school. The time we played in the snow. A lazy Sunday morning with coffee in bed. Or that cosy evening around the bonfire. Thousands of memories shape an eternal mosaic of vivid pictures, taste, sound, scent, and feelings. These memories live within us with the people we made them with. But memories fade over time, like dusty old books in a forgotten library. So how do we hold onto these treasured memories? Research has shown that scent has a unique ability to awaken the senses, transporting us to a time or place in an instant. It’s the key to reliving our memories.

What we delivered

We delivered two pop up immersive experiences in London and Manchester, taking consumers through 8 sensory-based zones, designed for Maison Margiela’s fragrances to evoke memories and encourage product sampling. From scent discovery to sights, sounds, crafting and sampling, each zone took consumers on a sensorial journey evoking wonder, curiosity, and of course treasured memories. Consumers not only left with open minds, but their very own REPLICA Memory Box, full of keepsakes and complimentary samples to take home and remember forever.

The Results

Over 25m
reach through influencer + retail
sales uplift

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