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Covid-safe Sun Care Sampling

How do you get consumers to reconsider their sun care protection during a global pandemic? With our events cancelled and an experience that originally was entirely face-to-face engagement, we needed to rethink our plan of action and adapt with the changing circumstances.

Covid size sun care

The Challenge

To ensure La Roche-Posay was front of mind for shoppers when it came to sun care, our sampling activation was booked to run at some of the UK’s largest consumer shows. But then Covid-19 hit, shows were out and everything was put on hold. Time for Plan B.

The Insight

Even with a pandemic sweeping the nation, the sun still shines and skin still burns. And so when restrictions eased slightly and everyone was spending more time outdoors, La Roche-Posay had the opportunity to step in and, from a safe distance, ensure their skin was perfectly protected. With some smart thinking, we knew we could engage people without putting them at risk, so the brand could still achieve its goals of raising awareness of their amazing sun care range, suitable for every skin type.

The Results

people engaged
over our sampling target
would now purchase the brand
of people enjoyed the experience

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