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The Joy of Baking

Bakers saw sugar as nothing more than a commodity, causing them to reach for own label products. We needed to find a way to ensure bakers complemented their top bakes with a top sugar. So, we got the nation licking their lips at the prospect of baking up a storm with Tate & Lyle Sugars by tapping into the true emotive reasons why they love to bake. We always thought the joy of baking was seeing your final masterpiece in all its glory. Turns out, the real fun and joy actually lies in the making. 

The Challenge

In a world where sugar has become a commodity, we needed to show bakers what a difference Tate & Lyle Brown & Golden Cane Sugars can make to their cakes, cookies, biscuits, buns, puds and so on. Starting with the sweetest holiday of them all, Easter, we wanted to show that what goes in is just as important as the finished product.

The Insight

We ran an empathy lab to dig a little deeper into the reasons why people bake - and the results were pretty surprising. Baking to relax, to escape, to bond, to celebrate, to express creativity - for many, the act of baking is far more powerful than the end result.

The Results

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