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The Z-Factor

We reminded shoppers that although own-brand beans might look and taste similar to Heinz, they don’t have that special Z Factor. Using social media and a playful on-pack, we were able to shout about all the lovely little differences that make Heinz the nation’s favourite – from our super-secret recipe to our rejection of ‘bad beans’.

The Challenge

Although brand love for Heinz was big, its beans weren’t ending up on plates. Shoppers were seeking cheaper alternatives – like own-label– thinking that their family wouldn’t know the difference. We needed to remind them of that special something that elevates the taste of Heinz above all others and makes it the definitive taste for baked beans.

The Insight

In blind taste tests there are very few, if any, differences noted between Heinz and own-label beans. However, in brand-led taste tests Heinz comes out on top. Why? Because no matter how much we like the taste of own-label, we still always compare them to the real deal – Heinz.

The Results

social reach
view through rate
sales uplift
competition entries

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